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Welcome to the tutorials area of the eBeam website. The tutorial area currently covers the eBeam software 2.2.1 for Windows. Feel free to explore and learn. If you cannot find a topic that you're looking for or you think a topic should be here, please let us know.

General Software Overview
If you have never used the eBeam software, here is a great overview of what's included.

Capturing from the Whiteboard
No more "do not erase" messages on your whiteboard. With the eBeam system and software, capturing notes from your whiteboard is a breeze. This section explains the most commonly used features when using your eBeam system to capture notes and drawings.

Use with Data Projector
With the help of a data projector you can create a very large touch sensitive computer screen utilizing the whiteboard or a flat wall. This section explains how.

Connect & Configure a Bluetooth eBeam System 3
Bluetooth wireless technology requires a few additional setup steps - Here's what you need to get started.

Sharing Online Meetings over LAN/Internet
Have you ever shared your whiteboard with a colleague or student who lives 5,000 km away? With eBeam you can! This section explains how to share or join a meeting.

Additional support features
This special section covers software and firmware updates as well as other useful items.


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